Intent – a statement of purpose

Almost four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Less than a month before she was to give me away at my wedding, she had a full masectomy.  Walking me down the ailse, she wore padded stuffies and even still had her drains in.

Let me explain something about my relationship with my mother.  She is my best friend.  Yes, I have the best friend who is my age and when I was younger, didn’t punish me for something my younger sister probably did.  But I still consider my mother my best friend – think Gilmore Girls, if you will.  She is my ally and I am hers.  So when she stepped into the ring to battle something I couldn’t tag team with her, I knew there had to be a way to help her out. 

So it took me almost four years – what can I say?  I am slow on the tag.  The good news is, she has been in remission for 2 of those years.  The bad news – I am not nearly as far along in my mission as I would like to be.

Here’s the idea; I love to craft!  Probably more so than I should – but give me a break – I sit in an office switching files around all day.  I have nothing to show for the eight hours of work I put in.  Its nice to work on something and have a finished product when all is said and done – thus my abnormal addiction to crafting.  And I’m not talking one particular craft – nope, I like to dabble in it ALL.  So I thought I would set up a shop and donate money from the proceeds to a breast cancer research group.  With the new year, came the idea of separating my blog into a crafty blog and a life blog.  Since I want to get to the point where my crafts are for my shop (with a few outside gifts and, of course, when my Baby J gets a little older, child crafts)it seemed apropo to devote my blog to the same idea.  For Mama.

Access here to see what I have dabbled in, where I’m going, and what is new up in the shop.  There might even be some bloggy giveaways and tutorials, depending on my mood and the influx of readers.  I will also include my exploits in the Race for the Cure.

So here it goes – spread the word!  Pass the link!  And feel your boobies!

Feel Your Boobies


One Response to “Intent – a statement of purpose”

  1. It’s always difficult to have a job where you don’t have tangible results! I switched back to teaching because of that reason. Crafting is not at all abnormal – there’d be a lot of abnormal people in the world if it was the case!
    I admire you for dedicating your crafting to your cause!

    via swap-bot 🙂

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