Changes already?

That’s right – I’ve changed things already. Don’t worry, it’s just the appearance.

I am going to be working on a separate charity unswap. The link is under Other Charities. I am going to be making some small afghans to send along in pink (go figure).  Check it out and contribute to yet another worthy cause.

This cause hits close to home. We were fortunate enough to bring a very healthy, happy, one week late baby girl into the world, so I can’t say that I know exactly how they feel, but my heartbreaks just thinking about the possibility of loosing our little girl.

Our Little Girl

Our Little Girl

The parents out there who go through the heartbreak of loosing their child, even if they’ve never held them or heard them cry, have got to be among the strongest people I know.

Side note: for more on trying to raise a traditional child in a modern world as well as my other exploits, view Blueberry Pie.


5 Responses to “Changes already?”

  1. nestoftreasures Says:

    Hi, I just came to your blog through swap-bot as I’m one of your partners in the blog link swap (CatInTheHat). I really admire what you’re doing and I’ll definitely check back to see how you’re getting on! Good Luck!
    p.s. your daughter is adorable!

  2. This is such a great idea. I am glad that you are taking this initiative!

  3. hello!
    what a sweet little girl!
    this is jodiez from swap-bot, checking out your blog through the little swap over there!
    will have to check back soon.

  4. Aww! What a little cutie! 🙂

  5. Your blog looks lovely, and such a cute photo!

    via swap-bot 🙂

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