About Me…

Hmmm…about me.

The basic stats:

  • I am 25 years old, married to an amazing man, and a new mom to a beautiful little girl we fondly call Baby J.
  • I have a dog named Sadie and a cat named Mona.
  • We bought our house in November of 2006 and moved in the weekend after Thanksgiving in our shorts – quite uncommon for an Ohioan.  Since then, we have painted the living room, redone the kitchen floor and painted the kitchen, and decorated the nursery.  The rest of the rooms are still the way they were when we moved in…darn it.
  • The vehicular love of my life is my Jeep Liberty.  When she broke down a few months ago, I cried.  Fortunately, she’s running now!  She has taken me all over the country from Texas east.
  • I recycle packaging.
  • I work in the local city’s income tax department.  I take everybody’s money – even my own.
  • I recycle.
  • I believe Obama will be a great president because he is a great man, not because he is African American.

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