Care Quilts

I hope that, whoever you are reading this, you have never had to be in the hospital.  If you have, you know that it is a cold, dreary, unwelcoming place.  So here is my thought…

Nothing says home like a quilt.

So for women who are going through chemotherapy or have just had a lumpectomy or masectomy, we are going to make quilts.

“We?”  You ask.  Yes…we.  The requirements for the squares are below.  These might change as it goes along and I realize somethings might need to be changed, but so far, here they are.

  • Care Quilts will be pink themed.  The MAIN color of the square MUST be pink – and not magenta colored pink.  You know the pink I’m talking about – breast cancer pink.  There can be other colors in the square, but the majority must be pink.
  • Squares sent in must be 10 1/2″ (unfinished), so that when sewn into the quilt, they are 10″ finished. 
  • This is a free for all – if you are particularly great at applique, go ahead – or if you have a particular pieced quilt square you just love – that works too.  Of course, if you have never sewn a quilt square in your life, plain 10 1/2″ squares of pink fabric will work as well (or you could use this as your challenge to yourself).
  • Squares must be mailed to me.  Entry in drawings will be based upon the date the squares are received, not postmarked.  Please email me to get shipping information.

Get involved even if you aren’t the most crafty person in the world.  It’s good for you!

Now, aside from the great warm and cozy feeling you will get, there are some other things you could get.

  • Anyone who sends in a quilt square will receive a special thank you card from For Mama.
  • Anyone who sends in more than 5 quilt squares will be entered in a bi-monthly drawing for a special gift pack.  The first drawing will be the end of April (giving you March and April to participate).  These may become monthly, depending on response.
  • Anyone who sends in more than 15 quilt squares will receive a special For Mama gift pack, along with three entries in the drawing for the bimonthly gift pack (this is the ONLY way you can receive multiple entries for the bimonthly gift pack).

Lastly, if you know someone who is going through or is about to be going through this difficult time, please feel free to nominate them to receive a quilt.  OR if you have an area hospital you would like to have Care Quilts donated to, PLEASE email me and we can definitely work out something. 

Lastly, have fun with these!  And thank you for your participation!


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