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I think that term is straight out of the eighties. Oh well. The bummer of the day is that we won’t be able to do the 3 Day this year. Bummer! I can’t bring Baby J with me and since we’ll still be breastfeeding, I can’t leave her for three days. So my sister and I, and possibly our mother, will definitely be doing it next year. Which means we have a whole year to fundraise – we should definitely be able to do it.

I have pictures of some recent quilt squares on my cell phone (because I forgot to take pictures of them before I went to work and I mailed them out from work). I have to figure out the SD card and get all of the pictures off my cell phone and onto the computer.

Other than that, most of my crafting has been planning at this point. I am very much in the mood for spring and desperately want to make a spring quilt, but I keep telling myself I have to finish Baby J’s quilt first.  It kills me that I am only planning – but financially and time-wise I just have not had the means.  Okay, I’ll admit my entire life at the moment revolves around my five month old, but that’s allowable – they grow up WAY too fast!

Anyways, I found this tutorial while tootling around and I just LOVE it! I have some great ideas in my head that incorporate the basics of this tutorial and some freezer paper stencils. Of course, I have never put a zipper in in my life, but you have to start somewhere.

I came up with a great idea to make a calendar for myself this year and I have all of the pieces ready to go, but I haven’t sewn them together. It is my goal to do that tonight, unless my mother decides to come down this weekend. That will change my goal.

Well, off to work! Thanks for all the comments about Baby J and the site! Let me tell you, I actually have a “site idol” if you will…someday I would love for my blog to be like this.

Since photography is an art, I’m going to be hosting my own green week – inspired by the above mentioned blog – but I thought it would be more appropriate to host it the week of St. Patty’s Day.  So tune in then to see some green.  If you would like to join me in celebrating St. Patty’s Day through photography, let me know and I will link to you throughout the week too!


I have to get my butt in gear.

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I found out, over the weekend, that there is a 3 Day walk in Michigan. So my goal is to participate in it. It is in August – so I have a little bit of time, but not much. I have requested the necessary information, now I have to come up with a way to get the registration fee. My mother said that it is $2,000.00 a runner. Woah! Well, once I receive the information packet, I will know more. This is big and I cannot wait! I am so excited to get into this and be a part of something bigger.

On that note, I am starting Care Quilts. These are pink quilts that will be donated to local hospitals to give to women who are going through chemotherapy or have just had a lumpectomy or masectomy. As much of an avid quilter as I am, I could not possibly create all those squares, so I am looking for help! Click here for more information on what you can do to help with Care Quilts.

Intent – a statement of purpose

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Almost four years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Less than a month before she was to give me away at my wedding, she had a full masectomy.  Walking me down the ailse, she wore padded stuffies and even still had her drains in.

Let me explain something about my relationship with my mother.  She is my best friend.  Yes, I have the best friend who is my age and when I was younger, didn’t punish me for something my younger sister probably did.  But I still consider my mother my best friend – think Gilmore Girls, if you will.  She is my ally and I am hers.  So when she stepped into the ring to battle something I couldn’t tag team with her, I knew there had to be a way to help her out. 

So it took me almost four years – what can I say?  I am slow on the tag.  The good news is, she has been in remission for 2 of those years.  The bad news – I am not nearly as far along in my mission as I would like to be.

Here’s the idea; I love to craft!  Probably more so than I should – but give me a break – I sit in an office switching files around all day.  I have nothing to show for the eight hours of work I put in.  Its nice to work on something and have a finished product when all is said and done – thus my abnormal addiction to crafting.  And I’m not talking one particular craft – nope, I like to dabble in it ALL.  So I thought I would set up a shop and donate money from the proceeds to a breast cancer research group.  With the new year, came the idea of separating my blog into a crafty blog and a life blog.  Since I want to get to the point where my crafts are for my shop (with a few outside gifts and, of course, when my Baby J gets a little older, child crafts)it seemed apropo to devote my blog to the same idea.  For Mama.

Access here to see what I have dabbled in, where I’m going, and what is new up in the shop.  There might even be some bloggy giveaways and tutorials, depending on my mood and the influx of readers.  I will also include my exploits in the Race for the Cure.

So here it goes – spread the word!  Pass the link!  And feel your boobies!

Feel Your Boobies