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I Finished Something!

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Oh my goodness! I finished something last night! I finally got my planner done. It came out really nice, but I lost a 1/4″ somewhere, so I couldn’t add a nice edge around it. But it’s still pretty.

I consider it a prototype if you will.  I am planning on making more and putting them in my shop.  Maybe not calendars persay (since it’s March), journals, maybe.

Of course, it doesn’t fit in my purse. Oh well.

Don’t forget!  Green week is next week.  And after green week I’m going to start a photography challenge.  It’s the ABCs of your hometown.  I am hoping to get some people involved with this.  I am putting together a photography book for Baby J with the ABCs of her hometown, so I thought everyone could join in with me.  Let me know if your interested!


I have to get my butt in gear.

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I found out, over the weekend, that there is a 3 Day walk in Michigan. So my goal is to participate in it. It is in August – so I have a little bit of time, but not much. I have requested the necessary information, now I have to come up with a way to get the registration fee. My mother said that it is $2,000.00 a runner. Woah! Well, once I receive the information packet, I will know more. This is big and I cannot wait! I am so excited to get into this and be a part of something bigger.

On that note, I am starting Care Quilts. These are pink quilts that will be donated to local hospitals to give to women who are going through chemotherapy or have just had a lumpectomy or masectomy. As much of an avid quilter as I am, I could not possibly create all those squares, so I am looking for help! Click here for more information on what you can do to help with Care Quilts.

Changes already?

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That’s right – I’ve changed things already. Don’t worry, it’s just the appearance.

I am going to be working on a separate charity unswap. The link is under Other Charities. I am going to be making some small afghans to send along in pink (go figure).  Check it out and contribute to yet another worthy cause.

This cause hits close to home. We were fortunate enough to bring a very healthy, happy, one week late baby girl into the world, so I can’t say that I know exactly how they feel, but my heartbreaks just thinking about the possibility of loosing our little girl.

Our Little Girl

Our Little Girl

The parents out there who go through the heartbreak of loosing their child, even if they’ve never held them or heard them cry, have got to be among the strongest people I know.

Side note: for more on trying to raise a traditional child in a modern world as well as my other exploits, view Blueberry Pie.